Artist Residency

Current Artist-in-Residence

Dr. Bojana Ginn is an awarded interdisciplinary artist, medical doctor, scientist, curator, and writer. Merging art, science and technology, Ginn creates installations, video-sculptures, and photography.

Her work is shown in galleries and museums in Atlanta, New York, Barcelona, Venice, Baltimore, Nashville, Savannah, Berlin, and in International SciArt Conferences in the United States, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Ginn was honored with the prestigious Ellsworth Kelly Award by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts and the Working Artist Project Award at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Georgia. Ginn was a finalist for The World Technology Network Award in Art, and her video work was featured at the 2016 Venice Architectural Biennale. She often collaborates with scientific organizations like NASA, Georgia Institute of Technology, Augusta Cyber Center, Emory University, and SciArt Center.


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Dr. Bojana Ginn

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