Analog Dreams


Blurb / Gallery Set

Students: Sean Flanagan and Rhiannan Berry

Project Overview

After you fall asleep in your living room while watching a strange VHS tape, you become trapped inside a dream of a massive, silent facility. The only way to get back out is to go deeper in: to restore power to the dormant machinery and find a way to wake up.

Analog Dreams is a three-hour first-person puzzle platformer that takes inspiration from games like Portal, Quantum Conundrum, and The Witness. Solve mind-bending logic and dexterity puzzles by interacting with objects and rotating your point of view!

A very special thanks to the GT Chamber Choir and the GT Symphony Orchestra, both of which recorded original music for this game under the guidance and direction of Dr. Jerry Ulrich, Dr. Timothy Hsu, and Dr. Chaowen Ting.